Luke 2:41-52v 46 “Three days later they found him in the temple courtyard. He was sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. “

Every year Jesus and his family went on a trip to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. They went with other relatives travelling together, a familiar journey with a group who knew each other well. The adults talked with each other and the children would play as a group, knowing that all were looked after even if they didn’t see them. However, as concerned parents Mary and Joseph started looking for Jesus when they hadn’t seen him for the entire first day. They eventually found him three days later back at the temple. Jesus was not worried at all that his parents and relatives were not around, he was busy absorbing the teachings and showing others his wisdom even as a boy of 12 years old.

Growing your children is a journey that can be eased by having other relatives and friends to help out. Large family vacations are a chance for the adults to catch up and retell family stories and for children to play without the boundaries of routines at home. However loosing a child even briefly can be a nightmare for a parent. I lost my three year old in the mall among the ladies clothes for the longest three minutes of my life. I also learned from others that my “children” were growing up as at the age of 13 they took babysitting classes and then looked after other peoples children and I was told often how wonderful they were to my amazement. Mary and Joseph were “shocked and frightened” But also amazed by the competence of Jesus when they found him “His understanding and his answers stunned everyone who heard him.”

So 2022, join with others on the journey of life, despite COVID restrictions there are small groups for those not wanting to mix with too many, zoom meetings if you want to stay in your house, and however frightened we are Jesus’s wisdom will keep us safe as we move forward surrounded by his love as we are children of God.

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for accepting us as your children, teaching us your wisdom and maturing our faith in this New Year. Amen.

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