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Mid Week Fellowship

Over the next few weeks in the Wednesday Worship session we will be using the meditations from Cameron Trimble. In her introduction Cameron states “listen to your own intuition and open yourself to sensing God within. ”

Bring a pen and paper to the Wednesday Worship session and write your own reflections down either during or after the group session. You are invited to participate in this group meeting as much as you want to. Joining in the discussion questions or just listening to the reflection, conversation, prayers and music.

Cameron Trimble also writes. “I hope as you read these meditations , you find yourself becoming more kind, compassionate, and understanding.”

If this speaks to you today then join in Wednesdays at 7pm via zoom. Send your email here and the link will be forwarded to you.

This week we are still looking at the familiar scene of the nativity. Who is Joseph?

“Joseph to whom she was engaged was a righteous man, and did not want to disgrace her ( Mary) publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly.” Matthew 1 v 19

Send an email via the contact page for the zoom meeting details 7pm on Wednesdays

Advent offers evocative scripture stories for navigating mystery. Each session offers an opportunity for praying with scripture before listening to a reflection on the theme and grounding our learning of how to navigate mystery in a simple group spiritual practice.

Session 1:
The Times boldly invites us into a mysterious unknown and into a circle of time to help us understand the signs of the time.

Session 2:
The Wilderness Way invites a greater awareness of who we are in this world God loves. We live out of an instinct to stay “present in the bare self” and here what we need for navigating mystery is revealed to us.

Session 3:
The Gesture of Opening to risk and relinquishment invites courage. Each time we discern Mystery’s announcements, we deepen our awareness of what is being birthed within us and among us.

Janet Millward will lead two sessions on Wednesday November 16th and 23rd about her experiences in Ottawa with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank advocating for monies to be spent on small scales farmers to alleviate hunger and teach sustainable farming practices despite climate change.

For the four weeks starting August 10th the book Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simons will be the bases for the reflections.

Ruth in he introduction says “I want you to know that finding God’s grace laced through the seasons of your heart…

Begins with resting in who He is. Builds by rehearsing the truth He says about you Blossoms as we respond in faith to those truths, and is sustained by remembering His provision.

She also states “my prayer is that the gospel might be adorned and God’s word be hungered after as we find ourselves in and out of these seasons of the heart, day by day, year after year.”

If you are unable to attend all the sessions a summary of some of the weekly readings and discussion questions can be found on the page mid week reflection.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for God’s approval. They will be satisfied.” Mathew 5 v 6
“But they kept shouting. Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” Luke 23 v 21

This week on April 13th will be a special reflection for Holy Week. For those unable to actually journey to Jerusalem the stations of the cross meditation and prayers has been used by many Christians denominations where pictures and readings are put together to remember the walk that Jesus took from the Hall of Pilate to Golgotha. Join in this week for an updated version called “The Way of the Cross” at 7pm on Wednesday April 13th.

Food for Friends

The cooking, freezing and distributing of meals to those experiencing temporary food insecurity and social isolation due to COVID -19. Thanks to a grant from the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation

Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation Logo

in partnership with the FCC of Cambridge and North Dumfries

this program is running from May 2021 to April 2022.

Coffee Time

Zoom meeting 9.30 on Mondays. All welcome for a social half hour of conversation. Send an email request for the zoom link. Looking forward to meeting you.

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