Jeremiah 23 1-6  v 3b“I will bring them back to their pasture , and they will be fertile and increase in number”

Growing up in the UK seeing sheep in the fields was a common occurrence. Springtime was full of the sounds and antics of lambs jumping around, rushing off then getting too far away from their mothers and calling to find them again. When I was in Africa goats were everywhere. They would be taken out to any area to graze which included the grounds of the hospital then herded back home at night. The adults would be secured to the ground by a rope but the kids would wonder off and again the sound of the mothers and kids calling to each other was everywhere.

There are many references to sheep in the bible, so I am sure they were a big part of the life of those who lived when the bible was written. Sheep need looking after, and they need a good shepherd to do this. This passage in Jeremiah is referring to the fact that sometimes the shepherd scatters the sheep and does not look after them. God and Jesus are referred to as the good shepherd and He promises to bring His sheep back to the pasture and to be fertile and increase in number.

If you feel scattered today, unsure of where to go as the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted, turn to the bible for comfort and pray to the Good Shepherd who will bring you back to a good place to grow and join with others.

Prayer: Lord God Almighty may you lead me today to new pastures, to grow in understanding by reading your word. Amen

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