How great is our God?

2 Kings 42-44  v “give it to the people to eat. “ the man of God said. “This is what the Lord says: They will eat and even have some left over”

In this story from the Old Testament the “man of God” had twenty loaves of bread. Much like the ones in the picture, small loaves enough to fill one person.

The man of God was able to feed 100 people.

Finding this story in the Old Testament by following the lectionary for 2021( a list of bible verses used for worship services in Christian Churches) gave me insight into who Jesus was. Man being helped by God was able to feed 100 people, God himself was able to feed 5,000 with less! Jesus was able to cure all who came to Him. Even the disciples although they cured many who were sick in Jesus name were unable to cast out a demon in a person but Jesus was able to do it. He is able to command the wind and the seas. He is kind to all.

How Great is our God! Enjoy this song today.

Remember that despite our faults and like the servant our doubts trusting in God , good things will happen, larger than we can imagine, when God walks with us!

Prayer: Almighty God, thank you for your amazing power shown to us in the Old Testament through the prophets, and in the New Testament by your son Jesus . Amen

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