Speaking Truth

Ephesians 4 1-16 v 15 “Instead as we lovingly speak the truth, we will grow up completely in our relationship to Christ, who is the head”

Paul is talking here about the Church how important it is to speak the truth so that we can be united in faith to serve and build up the body of Christ.

It is easy today with so many ways to communicate to say what is your side of a story. Using texting, emails, Instagram and other forms of social media allows for “truths” to be sent to another person and correspondingly instant responses. Hateful, bullying messages are on the rise and people are feeling hurt and sad because of it. Instant responses cause more hurts.

Being involved with minor hockey and dealing with relationships between coaches and kids and parents, the 24 hour rule was encouraged. To leave your response for 24 hours. Acknowledge that you have heard the concern instantly but say you will get back to them in 24 hours. When our kids were teenagers I learn’t to say that I was too mad to decide on what to do next but will get back to them the next day and they were also to think about why I was so mad and what to do about it.

Speaking face to face with someone is getting more and more difficult with each generation growing up with computers. In the picture above what truth are we seeing that the couple care for each other or care more about what is on their phones? When was the last time you said something to those you love, family or friends or a stranger to build them up? To loving speak the truth to unite the family, or strengthen a friendship?

So speak the truth, lovingly , to all you meet today to grow yourself and others.

Prayer: Loving Father, help me to loving tell others the truth that they are loved by you . Amen

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