Rebellious Children

2 Samuel 18: 5-9, 15, 31-33.  v 33 “The King was shaken by the news. He went to his room above the gate and cried. “My son Absalom,” he said as he went. “My son, my son Absalom! I wish I had died in your place! Absalom, my son, my son.”

King David’s third son was called Absalom. He built an army and fought his father the King for the throne. When King David sent his army to attack his sons army he asked the officers to not harm his son. The army was defeated and Absalom was killed by the soldiers of King David. The “right “result for someone who was going against the will of the King and God who wanted David to be the King. However, David, an earthly King still mourned the loss of his son.

Today by the example of King David we learn that love is complicated. King David and his son were literally fighting each other for the power to be King. I am currently watching with delight my grandson grow into the “terrible twos” fighting his parents for control of what he eats when he sleeps and the activities he can do. He plays in the sand box then tries to eat the sand, runs towards the road and fights to not hold a hand that realizes the road is dangerous, throw’s his food on the floor when he has had enough. As parents and now grandparents the constant everyday battles of the toddler can be exhausting, frustrating and sometimes make us angry but loving our children does not stop . At the end of a busy day when they are sleeping peacefully our hearts melt again and we have the strength to continue the battles.

If King David had compassion for his rebellious son, and we love our developing children we can begin to imagine God having compassion for all his rebellious people.

What did God do? He sent His son to save us.

Prayer: Almighty Father thank you for loving us despite our rebellious ways so much that you sent Jesus to save us. Amen

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