Time for kindness

Ephesians 1:3-14 v 7 Through the blood of his Son, we are set free from our sins. God forgives our failures because of His overflowing kindness.”

Praise God. Through Christ God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing that heaven has to offer. He poured out His kindness by giving us every kind of wisdom and spiritual insight when He revealed the mystery of His plan to us. Then Christ would be the head of everything in heaven and on earth. This Holy Spirit is the guarantee until we are set free.

The first week of the New Year. Still time to show kindness and intentionally move in a different direction for 2022. To live in “every spiritual blessing that heaven has to offer” because “God poured out his kindness.” We have time. For some our days are restricted due to the pandemic, for others life continues at a normal pace and for others life takes on a new dimension of busy as the struggles to work from home, teach children and care for isolated loved ones fill the day. We still have time for kindness.

In a recent trip to the UK during rush hour I noticed that the speed on major highways is reduced. Someone worked out the number of cars passing through a given spot was increased if the speed was lower but steady instead of the stop and go shuffle experienced during a traditional rush hour.

Add this theory to your spiritual practices this week .

For those with time on their hands how about fitting in a kind word for your neighbor as you pray for them and their struggles?

For those on the “normal” busy stream how about looking for God moments in your everyday? The spiritual blessing of peace, love, joy that you meet in your day and say thank you to God.

For those too busy to think, take a deep breath slow to a steady pace , count your blessings just for one minute and you will be surprised how your ability to make decisions( wisdom)  will be enhanced and the jobs will get done.

Prayer: Almighty Father thank you for your kindness poured over us every day, allowing  us to live in your blessings and to make wise decisions to take time with you to allow us to complete our daily tasks in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

One thought on “       Time for kindness

  1. I am enjoying the beauty, depth and wisdom of the daily Crosswalk.
    Thank you ❤
    May God continue to pour His love
    And grace on you everyday


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