How Great is our God

 Psalm 36: 5-10 v 6-7 “Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the ocean depths. You care for the people and animals alike, O Lord, how precious is your unfailing love, O God. All humanity finds shelter in your wings.”

King David was a great poet and wrote this psalm to illustrate how great is our God. Like a mighty mountain, like a deep ocean, caring for the animals and people, reaching beyond the clouds, as vast as the heavens. He then uses the intimate image of humanity sheltering under his wings.

In the Wednesday evening series on wisdom the book of Job was discussed. Job too came to the same conclusion that we know nothing compared to God and his vastness and great understanding. Job eventually stopped complaining to God about his situation and sat quietly in his mighty presence. To find shelter in his wings we too must sit quietly under them.

Prayer: Almighty God thank you for your amazing presence in our lives today. For the vastness of your love and caring. May we also be still under the shelter of your wings. Amen.

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