Believe in Him!

John 2:1-11 v 5 : “ But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Jesus was at a wedding with his mother and his friends, the disciples. His Mother noticed that during  the party the wine ran out. She told Jesus this and he replied, “My time has not yet come” “But his mother told the servants “Do whatever he tells you “And a miracle occurred as water was turned into wine. Not just any wine but a wine better than the one served at the beginning of the wedding festivities.  

Being a parent is hard work. Getting the right things done at the right time especially when teenagers is tougher still. But slowly we learn to let go and keep breathing between teenage traumas and despite it all our children become adults. They leave the nest and they live their own lives. We still have opinions though about the bridal flowers, how our grandchildren are raised. We know exactly how Jesus’s mother felt. She knew Jesus was special and could do great things, saw a problem, and knew he could do something about it, so she asked him. Did he roll his eyes, did he use that tone of voice when he replied to his mom? “Dear women, that’s not our problem, my time has not yet come” Did he sigh a big sigh before he got on with what she had asked? Jesus experienced real life on earth. The ups and downs of being part of a family, having friends and loving others. His disciples saw the miracle and believed in him. His Mom believed in him before he performed this miracle. A God doing great things or a God doing everyday things. What makes you believe in Him?

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for sending us your Son who experienced life on earth so that we might have life in heaven. Amen

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