Fish and Sheep!

 John 21: 1-19v 11” Simon Peter got into the boat and pulled the net ashore. Though the net was filled with 153 large fish, it was not torn.”

In this passage there are two stories. The first is about the disciples going fishing and catching nothing. At the end of the night Jesus meets the disciples on the beach and tells them to throw the net into the right side of the boat and ” you will catch some.” This they did and were overwhelmed by the number of large fish they caught. 153! Even when the net was pulled to shore it was not torn.

The second story is when Jesus talks after eating breakfast which included some of the fish they had just caught with Simon Peter. Peter answered to Jesus’s questions “Yes, Lord you know that I love you.” Jesus then followed the question with three statements of his own, feed my lambs, take care of my sheep, and feed my sheep and finally Jesus told Peter, “Follow me”.

“Jesus told him “Take care of my sheep” John 21 v 16

I have always enjoyed the game where there are two pictures that look the same but on closer inspection you can spot the differences between the two. In these two stories we have the opposite, two very different pictures but there is also a similar theme running through them. Jesus gave a command and for Peter who obeyed great things happened. Sometimes life becomes too complicated but whatever the picture you are currently in listen to Jesus and ‘follow Him” Great things will happen.

Prayer: Jesus our Lord and guide, allow us to hear your voice and obey your commands this week in the community where we live. Amen.

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