Holy City

Revelation 21 v 10, 22-22.5 v 10 “He showed me the Holy city, Jerusalem.”

Here we are shown that Jerusalem, made by God is a different place. So large we humans cannot imagine, but perfect in light and peace because God and the lamb are there.

I remember in English class we studied the life of the poets Byron and Wordsworth and Coleridge known as the romantic poets. They wanted to live the life they believed in and set up a colony to live together sharing everything and therefore being able to spend more time writing however it didn’t last long because the poets were more interested in writing than doing the daily chores so those left to do the chores didn’t have any time to write. I wondered if there would ever be a perfect place to live and work in harmony together?  Here we see in the Jerusalem made by God such a place. Where believers live in the light of God in peace and harmony.

Revelation 21 v 10 “He showed me the Holy city, Jerusalem.”

In our family this week trying to organize vacation time with different groups of friends and family is requiring time and attention to details. Coordination to arrange airport pick ups and who wants to go to what. Financial decisions have to be made regarding hotels and activities to enjoy a relaxing vacation of our choice.

With God, He chooses us to be part of His perfect world. We don’t plan it or pay for it or organize it. We accept it and obey it and find joy in worshipping Him.

Remember to take God with you on vacation and He will provide the patience, kindness, perseverance, and self control you need to live and enjoy a few days with the wonderful people He puts in your life and discover new parts, or rediscover parts of this amazing world He has created.

Holy God only your Jerusalem is the perfect place to live. Give us the tools we need to enjoy the upcoming family vacations this summer and be with us in the planning. Amen

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