Protect and Rescue

Psalm 82 v 4 “Rescue weak and needy people. Help them escape the power of wicked people.”

God takes His place in His own assembly. He pronounces judgement. Defend weak people and orphans. Protect the rights of the oppressed and the poor. Rescue weak and needy people. Help them escape the power of wicked people.” Arise O God! Judge the earth, because all the nations belong to you.”

“Rescue weak and needy people” psalm 82 v 4

I was a Cub Scout leader for over ten years and met many boys aged eight to ten who were enthusiastic about learning about nature, playing games and being involved in the ceremonies outlined by the Scouting association. It is still a growing program enjoyed by many young people with adult leaders excited to teach from a well written program. However, I met one boy who looked at me when I was giving him instruction and He said, “He would kill me one day”, and the hair literally stood up on the back of my neck. A wicked person? I have been in a meeting where I  felt so intimidated by those around me that I slumped in my chair and did not say a word, have you been there? And I encountered someone in a store shouting at everyone to give him money, everyone stood still and did not know what to do or say. Other people can make us scared and uncomfortable are they wicked? Do they shake the foundation of the earth? The psalmist calls for God to “Arise, Oh God. Judge the earth.” And that is my prayer today. Give to God the people that scare you.

Prayer: God of wisdom, God of power, protect and rescue us in our time of need. Amen.

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