Our land will produce crops!

Psalm 85 v 6 “Won’t you restore our lives again so that your people may find joy in you?”

In this psalm God’s restoration to those in the past is remembered, then He is asked to do the same for this generation and the generations to come. Indeed, His salvation is near those who fear Him, and His glory will remain in our land. The Lord will certainly give us what is good, and our land will produce crops.

I have just returned from vacationing with family who farm for a living. Listening to those who value the land and what it can produce is a humbling experience. You and I cannot enjoy the bounty of the land without the hard work of these people. Although lots do try with a garden to produce food to eat. The variety of meat and vegetables is dependent on others in this country and around the world to produce. The hope that our land will produce crops is a serious one. Our souls also need to be nurtured and to grow so that “truth sprouts from the ground”. As you enjoy the crops produced by your own garden, or that of others today take a minute to thank God and find joy in the Lord.

“The Lord will certainly give us what is good, and our land will produce crops.” Psalm 85v 12

Prayer: Holy God, we thank you for the bounty of the earth that nourishes our body today and ask that you restore our relationship with you to find joy in our souls. Amen.

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