Hope and Confidence

Psalm 71: 1-6 v 5 “You are my hope, O Almighty Lord. You have been my confidence ever since I was young.

Psalm 71 could describe all our lives. A mixture of praise and suffering, good times and bad. Calling for help “rescue me and free me from the hands of a wicked person” Through it all however is the hope of God. “You gave the order to save me!” You are my hope, O Almighty Lord. You have been my confidence ever since I was young.”

Dealing with my three children during the teenage years was the most challenging time. The goal of a teenager is to push the boundaries and the goal of a parent is to uphold the boundaries that are safe for all. I chose not to argue about clothes and hairstyles but set financial limits on both. That is until one of my teenagers turned her hair green instead of the blond she was attempting to replicate just before a family wedding. They found jobs for themselves when the cost of the jeans they wanted was more than I was prepared to pay then I found myself out at all hours driving them to and from work. And that was the easy stuff! As I poured out my troubles in prayer to God, He taught me to be quiet and to listen. To take time to make decisions. To hope that things would be better and to be confident in the decision I did make, one of the most important being to be united in the parenting process with my husband.

“Rescue me and free me because of your righteousness” Psalm 71 v 2

Live today with the hope that God gives and the confidence to deal with the trials that come before us.

Prayer: O Lord, rescue me from the trials of this day that I may sing songs of praise and constantly speak about you. Amen

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