Psalm 79: 1-9 v 8b “Reach out to us soon with your compassion, because we are helpless.”

Jerusalem is in ruins; dead bodies of your servants have been given to the birds for food. They have shed the blood of your people. Reach out to us soon with your compassion because we are helpless.” Help us O God.

The Old Testament is graphic in its portrayal of wars, of Kings who did not follow God’s plan and the wrath of God trying to teach the people a lesson. Here we see people dying and rotting bodies being fed to the animals. Not a pretty picture. Today people are making small decisions that hurt others, and big decisions that create conflict, climate change and add to those who are hungry.  We know that our God is a compassionate God, but do we know we are helpless? Are we still on the path of “I’ve got this”? On the path of a busy life that puts God in a smaller and smaller space in our days. Even doing ‘good” works do we forget to ask God to be in front of us, Jesus to walk beside us and the Holy spirit to surround us? We need God’s compassion as much today as the psalmist cried out two thousand years ago, because we are helpless, because we need God’s help .

“We have become a disgrace to our neighbors” Psalm 79 v 4

Prayer: Help us O God to live “fearing God”, keeping you first in our thoughts and hearts as we do the work you made us to do. Amen.

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