Doing our duty

Luke 17: 5-10 v 9 “He doesn’t thank the servant for following orders.”

Jesus responded to a question from the disciples who asked, “Give us more faith”. He replied that faith could be as small as a mustard seed, and you could command a bush to uproot itself and replant itself in the sea. He went on to say that a servant does the work commanded and when he comes back to the house the master says,” make my dinner then after that you can eat.” He doesn’t thank the servant for following orders.” When you have completed all your tasks say, “we have only done our duty.”

“Then the apostles said to the Lord “Give us more faith” Luke 17 v 5

Sometimes we forget who we are working for. For a loving, kind, and gracious God who we are thankful for caring for us. He doesn’t thank the servant for following orders. As we go out into the world to be His hands and feet, He has a plan. It might be to continue to grow our generosity, to grow our understanding of ourselves, to grow our own kindness to others. At this time of harvest and thanksgiving we see the results of the growing crops around us, the bounty of the land, and we are thankful. We see how those around us family, friends and neighbors are growing in all kinds of ways, and we are thankful. Even faith as small as a mustard seed can have a great impact because we believe in a God who is good and for that we are thankful. When our days work is done, when all those around us have been fed, we are thankful. We have done our duty.

Prayer: In the family gatherings, in the food we prepare thank you Holy God for being there. Amen.

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