New Promise

 Jeremiah 31:27-34v 28 : Once I watched over them to uproot them, to tear them down, and to wreck, ruin and hurt them. Now I will watch over them to build them up and to plant them” declares the Lord.

Jeremiah tells the people of Israel that the Lord will change things. Each person will die for his own sin. I will put my teachings inside them, and I will write those teachings on their hearts.  All of them from the least important to the most important, will know me declares the Lord.  I will forgive their wickedness and I will no longer hold their sins against them.

In school I hated history. It was a series of dates to me memorized and totally irrelevant to the world in which I was living. How could life in a Roman fort be important to me today? Well, I was shown how it was relevant to me at that time. I left home after high school to go to further education and my Dad drove me in his car there using a road called the Fosse Way, originally a road built by the Romans. The town I went to was called Bath, because of the baths that were built there due to the natural hot springs found and used by the Romans. With the passing of the years, I see more and more the importance of remembering our history as it shapes the world we live in today.

“All of them from the least important to the most important, will know me declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 31 v 34b

We see the history of our faith in the Old Testament and the changes that take place over time that we can learn from. God wants us first to follow the rules. Jeremiah here through God tells us that after that things need to change. We all sin and should be responsible for our own actions. That He will forgive us and write His teachings on our hearts. And ultimately God will forgive us.

Prayer: Holy God thank you for your willingness to change us through your teachings in the bible. To allow our faith to grow by learning from our history. We are sorry for the wrong directions we have taken, please forgive us this day. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

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