Love Instructions?

Psalm 119: 97 – 104 v 97 “O how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long.”

Mem- Your commands make me wiser than my enemies. I am even wiser than my elders. I have refused to walk on any evil path. I hate every false way of life.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the sermon she had to preach, it was based on the letters of the alphabet, and she did not like it. Reading this psalm today based around the Hebrew alphabet derived from the Egyptian symbol for water (thank you Wikipedia) I have the same feeling. I have always struggled with things like predestination- was my life written in the book not to be changed whatever decisions I made? Murdering that pesky fly that wouldn’t stay out of my kitchen. Worrying about what to wear when going on a mission trip. Loudly conversing with my husband yet again because we are both frustrated about the problems associated with an aging body. So, the words of this psalm are hard to hear as they make me feel a failure. Yet again falling short of Gods plan. We don’t like the instructions He gives us, we think all day long about how to get out of writing that sermon or are distracted by every false way of life. However , you have taught me well. As well as the joy, the excitement the good things that come our way we also always need God’s forgiving ways. We fall short as we try to think about your instructions every day.

” How sweet your words taste to me, they are sweeter than honey. ” Psalm 119 v 103

Prayer: Holy God thank you for being a forgiving God who plants the seeds in us to follow your instructions but continues to stand by us as we fall short. Amen

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