Joy in your commands                              

 Psalm 119:137-144 v 143” As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.”

Righteous. fair, trustworthy, eternal justice, always right, as pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands. “Help me to understand them so that I may live.

Today I am in British Columbia, because it is my job to help with family responsibilities here. I was able on Sunday to return to the physical church building where I was married 37 years ago. In the scheme of time since Jesus came down to earth it is not a long time, but everything had changed. Instead of going in the front door, the door was at the side, instead of a one isle church with pews either side there was a circle of chairs. The United Church rented the hall to other churches, two that Sunday, so I ended up at a Baptist service, a group that had followed the journey of a congregant who had ‘come out of the closet” and because of this had to leave the main body of Baptist churches. However, in all the physical changes there was joy in the service, shared love in the message on the difficult subject of resistance and oppression a sharing in communion and a welcome and understanding of life in a tough new world. In responding to the command to worship I found myself learning and joyful in this crazy changing world.

Holy Father thank you that you are always fair, always right and forever just. In the short time we are on this earth sometimes we do not see the big picture, we see the unjust and the changes. Help us to find joy in your commands today and every day. Amen

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