Walk on His path, in His light

 Isaiah 2: 1-5 v 5 “Come descendants of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

Isaiah was given a vision. The Lord’s Mountain will be the highest. People from all over the world will stream there to worship. Let us go, to be taught and to walk in His ways. The Lord will mediate between nations and settle international disputes. Swords will be made into plowshares, spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer fight against nation nor train for war. Let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

What a way to start thinking about the celebration of Jesus’s birth. To imagine a place where all will stream to worship Him. A place without war, using the tools of war to feed the people. And walking in the light of the Lord!

So remember to put out your nativity scene today amongst all the lights and talk to those who ask about it. I also leave out baby Jesus until the 25th on the advice of a wise Christian friend, adds to the conversation.

Prayer: Heavenly Father as we start to decorate and plan parties and buy gifts guide our path to Jesus. We are sorry for deviating from that path and thank you for the forgiveness that allows us to walk in the light. Amen.

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