God Blesses                                 

 Mathew 5 ; 1-12 v1 One day He saw the crowds gathering, Jesus went up on the mountainside and sat down. His disciples gathered around Him, and He began to teach them.”

Blessed are the poor, those who mourn, those who are humble, those who work for justice, who show mercy, are pure of heart, work for peace, persecuted for doing right, are mocked because they are my followers. Be glad. A great reward awaits you in heaven.

These teachings of Jesus are called the sermon on the mount and are further subtitled the beatitudes. CrossWalk spent time last year looking at them all and an introduction can be found if you scroll down on the Mid Week Refection page. In another devotional The Daily Bread I read this week that they could be called “Beautiful attitudes.”

Today the point I would like to share is how we can achieve the attitudes that God blesses. Jesus saw the crowds gathering. He realized that He needed those close to Him to have a clear understanding of the kind of attitude that would be blessed by God. That we should be glad about and happy. So, he stopped where he found himself, on a mountainside gathered the disciples around him and Jesus began to teach them.

“and He began to teach them” Matthew 5 v 2

It’s a great model for us today. To gather in a place where you are, home, online, in a community building, with those on the same journey to discover how to live each moment of every day as you encounter others and the trials they have or to look at your own trials in a different way.

Its now February if the News Years resolutions are getting hard to continue, if they never got off the ground maybe now is the time to find the right attitude for every day.  Find a group where you are and spend time learning from the bible about a God who blesses us.

Send your email here if you would like to join the journey of 60 daily meditations using the book “Searching for the sacred” by Cameron Trimble. As we gather together it will be decided where , when and how to connect.

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