Come let us Worship

 Psalm 95 v 6 Come let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker, for He is our God.

Come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us come to Him with thanksgiving. Come let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker, for He is our God. Listen to His voice today. Do not harden your hearts as they did at Meribah.

We see many things repeated in the bible. These words in the psalm remind us of the passage from Exodus 17 v 1-7 when the Israelites were frustrated with God. The following is from an article by Tom Peterson: –

Mastering through Repetition

Nothing like doing something over and over to get good at it. But there has to be a bit of stretch each time—even if, simply doing it today is the stretch. To master something, you’ll have to experiment, just as the Wright Brothers did, time and again, before getting that first flight.

If something is important to you, make a commitment to repeatedly spend time on it—every day, every week. Robert Greene in Mastery says,

When it comes to mastering a skill, time is the magic ingredient. Assuming your practice proceeds at a steady level, over days and weeks certain elements of the skill become hardwired. Slowly, the entire skill becomes internalized, part of your nervous system. The mind is no longer mired in the details, but can see the larger picture. It is a miraculous sensation and practice will lead you to that point, no matter the talent level you are born with.

So today I am repeating one of my favorite modern hymns,  Come now is the time to worship.

  As our great God holds the earth and the mountains, the sea and the dry land in his hands he also watches over us, the flock under His care. As Brian Doerkson explains this song was written at a time when things were not going as planned in his life. Maybe you have some frustrations today in your life, but the Lord is a great God. I think it is worth repeating our actions of worship.  Listen to his voice. Open your heart to Him. Come now is the time to worship!

 Prayer: Heavenly Father who sent His Son down to the world to connect the heavenly with the reality of our lives on earth open our hearts to you as you watch over us every day. Help us to find what we are looking for as we repeatedly come to you in worship. Amen

Connect with CrossWalk on any Wednesday evening for worship at 7pm via zoom by sending your email here. Come let us worship!

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