Remember the Good Times

Psalm 22: v27 “All the ends of the earth will remember and return to the Lord.”

In writing psalm 22 David starts with the words “My God, my God why have you abandoned me?” In the last few verses, he realizes that in our times of suffering remembering the good times will help us realize that God is with us all the time and our joy will be found in Him. So today whatever is pulling you down, lift your head up and be thankful for …………, ( fill in the blank) then offer your troubles to Him in the name of Jesus, as He alone has the power to change the way you think and act…..remember the good times and return to the Lord!

Prayer:- Lord God thank you for the good things in my life today, for the never ending love that is felt when praising you. I give to you today the sad things I am thinking about. Turn my sadness into joy as you have done for many others. Amen.

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