Family Fun Day – Looking after birds in the winter.

Birds need drinking water to maintain a healthy metabolism to stay warm and hydrated. They need it for bathing to keep their feathers in top insulating condition and keep them waterproof. So put out a bowl of water near your bird feeder today and see how they react. If you are able add a heaterContinue reading “Family Fun Day – Looking after birds in the winter.”

Family Fun Day- stay calm and carry on!

Self-regulation is the ability to understand and manage your behavior and your reactions to feelings and things happening around you. It includes being able to: regulate reactions to strong emotions like frustration, excitement, anger and embarrassment and to calm down after something exciting or upsetting. They are skills that need to be learnt and some takeContinue reading “Family Fun Day- stay calm and carry on!”

Family Fun Friday Imaginative play

Using everyday items from the kitchen pretend to make a meal. Collect items on a walk such as sticks and stones and leaves and make a garden. Using recycled cartons and wooden spoons make drums and shakers and make music. Use your imagination and as a family demonstrate to your children how they can useContinue reading “Family Fun Friday Imaginative play”