“Like a Tree”

Psalm 1 v 3 “He is like a tree planted beside  streams –

A tree that produces fruit in season

and whose leaves do not wither.”

When I was having a baby, my Mom advised me to pick one book that had advice that I could relate to and stick to it. There were so many books on parenting that I became confused as to what was the “right way” to do things from breast feeding advice to sleep practices to introducing new foods, the more I read the sometimes-conflicting ideas the more difficult it was to decide how I wanted to raise my baby. Today with technology providing blogs, online books and podcasts the choices are endless, but I think the advice I received 30 plus years ago is still relevant today. Pick one or maybe two sites that you find helpful and stick to them so that information is clear and does not conflict with each other and the result will be what all babies need consistent parenting.

The same can be said for your spiritual life. When you are starting out using one book, the bible, to ground you in all things spiritual is a good spiritual practice. Although I have been a part of many bible study groups over the years starting with baby steps, learning to open your bible , and read a few chapters is still good advice for our daily lives. Reflecting on the teachings in the bible as advised in psalm 1. “Delight in the teachings of the Lord,” is a great beginner spiritual practice. Be a tree planted by a stream, strong and well rooted, that produces fruit in season.

Open your bible or click here for psalm 1 and read the entire thing through. Ask God for understanding and read it again and see what stands out to you, what words or images come to you. Read it again, and maybe use some of the words in a prayer and see how your life changes with God being a part of it as you enjoy the fruits of a spiritual life ( see Galatians 5 v 22 -23 )

Dear Lord, help me to listen to the teaching in the bible, help me to reflect on the meaning you have for me today, and produce fruit in my life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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