End of Lockdown?

1John 5v 11-13 “I’ve written this to those who believe in the Son of God so that they will know that they have eternal life”

Thursday May 20th as I am writing this is the final day of the lockdown in Ontario. Well now you know that thoughts for this blog are started a few weeks before being published. We are all aware that this has been extended until June 2nd. So the new rules are not out yet, there are still many questions about how to move forward out of this period of restrictions. Ontario is getting tired and sad as looking forward to what were “normal plans” for summer vacations, travelling to another province or country are questions that cannot be answered today. Worldly questions for our worldly needs. In todays scripture passage God’s ultimate promise is no matter where we go on this earth, if we believe in Jesus all will have eternal life. That is quiet an amazing promise. That the love, joy and peace we feel when praising God will be with us forever. So in the disappointment of staying home, in the frustration of not seeing friends and family, in the having to wear a mask, children not being in school, only watching sports on TV……..choose to live in the light of Christ, to experience the love joy and peace only He can bring forever.

Prayer- Heavenly Father I accept Jesus into my heart today, to love and serve you in all I do. Amen

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