Living Daily with the Holy Spirit

John 15: 26-27: 16:4b-15He will show the world what has God’s approval, because I am going to the Father and you won’t see me anymore. He will convince the world that God judges it, because the ruler of the world has been judged.”

In the above passage Jesus is talking to the disciples about the Holy Spirit. Why is believing in Jesus and God and following what the Holy Spirit reveals to us important today? Jesus states it clearly that all will be judged by God. The Holy Spirit will show the world what has God’s approval. Living a life guided by the Holy Spirit allows anyone who believes to experience God’s love in this world before joining Jesus in His Father’s house in heaven. Some dedicate their lives to this experience by living in a community dedicated to God, such as the Iona community . Other businesses  respond to the call of the Holy Spirit by aligning their goals directly from the bible like the Mennonite Central Committee . Adonai Hardware shares their love of God with customers . How you live your life everyday guided by the Holy Spirit makes a difference in you, and the world around you. It doesn’t have to be as obvious as with these examples , start small, and simple. Quoting a bible verse to someone ,”you are amazingly and miraculously made”( psalm 139 v 14) . They don’t need to know where you got the words but your heart will be changed by using them and you don’t know what God has in store for those who receive them. I sent an email to a colleague once encouraging her to continue her work , with perseverance, not to give up as Paul encouraged believers. When I later met her at a conference she said that she kept the email and read it every time she was discouraged and it help her to keep going. Correct someone using kindness ( psalm 141 v 5) , sing a new song to the Lord ( you tube is full of great ideas). (Psalm 149 v1).

Prayer: Holy God open my heart to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in some small way today. Amen

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