God is calling you

Isaiah 6 v 1-8   I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Who will I send?”

In the old testament the prophets actually hear God calling them, Isaiah in this reading, Moses in the burning bush, Samuel in the temple. Do you hear the voice of God calling you? I went as one of many who have been called by God on a medical mission to Africa . For me a voice did not come from the sky, or out of a bush but I am certain that it was a call from God. I had asked God to use my skills for his good and when looking at mission opportunities I found one that asked for the skills I had. I talked with friends who had done similar work and everything began to fall into place including being able to raise enough funding with the help of family and friends to go.  I am still involved in helping this small corner of the world and that was the feeling I had when I was there. God became bigger, the world smaller. Although there are many problems with helping others in a culture different to your own it is an experience that grows your soul. Did I make an earth-shattering difference in the villages I visited? To the children with disabilities and the local workers continuing the work? Certainly some changes were made and continue, but inequalities remain, and that is why God needed to be bigger and me only a small part in the process. The worry expressed by Isaiah “Oh no! “I am doomed” rises up in all of us as the experience of knowing God and listening to his call takes us out of our comfort zones. An angel helped Isaiah and gave him the confidence to say “Here I am . Send me” So don’t do it alone. Call on friends and those that are close to you and you will succeed.

What is God calling you to do today?

Prayer: Guide me in the way you want me to go. Give me the skills I need to do your work, and the confidence to step out to find where you are already at work. Amen

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