The choice is yours

Genesis 3: 8-15 v “The man answered “That women, the one you gave me, gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it. “Then the Lord asked the women” What have you done? ”The snake deceived me, and I ate “the women answered.”

This WordPress website comes with a set of free pictures so I searched for a picture of an apple, looking for one with a bite out of it to represent the moment when sin entered the world. The above picture is what I found. Is this our choice today? How often have you been late for a meeting or family event due to the wonders found in technology? Used the age old blaming game to justify your actions? I didn’t realize what time it was I was so absorbed in the story, game, pictures?

As humans we have free will to be connected with God or not. To have an inner joy and contentment with all we do or not. What is distracting you today from thinking about the choices you make ? Trying to make God inspired choices everyday?

Prayer: Lord of all, help me today to put you first in my thoughts . To take time away from the distractions of this world to choose the path that Jesus taught us, to put love first. To be guided along the path by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Join CrossWalk this summer on a Wednesday evening at 7pm as the discussion focuses on divine love. Details can be found on the join in page .

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