Wave the Flag!

Psalm 20 v “We will wave our flags in the name of our God.”

This psalm starts with the words “The Lord will answer you in times of trouble” and goes on to say that He will send you help. In these confusing times of lockdowns, of social distancing and restrictions in our daily lives it has been difficult to do good things. However charities have changed to online fundraising , did you participate in an online auction? Food banks have had to find innovative ways to continue services without the enthusiasm and helping hands of volunteers. Did you donate directly to a food bank? Social isolation has been relieved by more phone calls and electronic meetings have allowed people to communicate with each other locally and around the world. How many zoom or similar type meetings have you attended? Education has been online at home and in class then back to online again with many different caregivers helping children with their education. How have you helped someone study this school year? Thanks to all who have stepped out of their comfort zone to help others and to God for giving us the will and the way. Further in the psalm there is reassurance that God will remember the good things you have done and “He will give you your hearts desire and carry out all your plans” Our job? “To wave our flags in the name of God.” So as our lives are set to open to a “new normal” to be able to visit with friends and family remember to add a time to thank God for keeping you safe and join in singing His praises as Churches reopen and communities of Christians gather together once again. With the approach of Canada day I am certainly going to buy some non essential flags and wave a flag for this wonderful country and our God.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for being with us through our troubles of this pandemic. Help us to return to a life with time to sing joyfully to you and wave a flag. Amen

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