New Every Morning

 Lamentations 3 22-33“His compassion is never limited. It is new every morning.”

Some amazing preachers can quote verses in the bible for any occasion. They are useful to remember to help with the struggles of life. I struggle with remembering so I write verses down and place them around my home for when I need them. Some times we need encouragement for everyday struggles for example to find the energy to clean the house. My Son came to visit the other day and asked why did I have the house cleaning music on it wasn’t Saturday? I also use music to help, and combine this with a hymn or praise song and the job gets done. Many hymns are full of direct quotes from the bible “new every morning is the love “ comes from this verse from lamentations.  “The Lord is good to me” another hymn and a quote from this same passage.

Popular songs also have direct quotes such as the country song “Always be humble and Kind”, and who hasn’t sung along with James Cohen’s Hallelujah?

Let’s not grumble today as we go about our daily burdens but use the words of the bible to strengthen us “ as He does not willingly bring suffering and grief to anyone”

Prayer: Lord God help us to endure the many daily tasks with silent mouths and trust in you. Amen

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