Happy Canada Day

2 Corinthians: 8 v 7-15 v 9 “You know about the kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was rich, yet for your sake he became poor to make you rich through His poverty.”

Paul in this letter to the Corinthian Church is talking about their ability to give monetary donations to the Church. Also, there is a direct comment on Jesus’s character from one who worked with Him throughout his ministry on earth. He was kind. Jesus who had everything in heaven, came down to earth and experienced poverty for us. His character was mirrored by His actions.

As Christians today are we known for being kind? How can what we do today show others around us kindness? Being friendly , smile or say Hi to others as you pass them on the street. I remember being in Toronto for a conference and staying overnight I had time in the evening to walk in the local park. A couple having a conversation walked passed me and although I said hello they didn’t even pause in their conversation to acknowledge in any way that I was there. It made me thankful for living in a small town where others took the time out to acknowledge my presence on the street. considerate

 Later in this reading the comment is made that those who have lots were meant to have lots and those who have little were meant to have a little. Everyone must give according to what they have. God does not ask for what they don’t have. Another way of being kind is to give generously. I always have trouble giving to anyone begging on the street until someone suggested that they give socks. Who doesn’t like a nice new pair of socks? I have some in my car and am ready to give generously when I see someone in need.

Giving what you have, time, talents, money to others and accepting others for what they can give is the hope of the Christian community of CrossWalk.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Prayer: Thank you God for giving me all that I have. Give me a kind heart to give to others as you show us their needs. Amen.

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