2 Corinthians 12 :2-10 v 9 but the Lord told me : ” my kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak” So I will brag more about my weakness in order that Christs power will live in me.  

Leaving home even a planned vacation has worries attached to it. Will I bring the right clothes, forget my tooth brush? Leaving to go to school is another exciting and terrifying time. Will I make new friends, will I enjoy the program I have chosen? Leaving to get married and set up a home with a new partner again has that excitement and worry at the same time. Will he put the toilet seat down, who is the best cook, and likes to clean? And what about our final leaving of this life? Sure I am worried about the logistics of when and where and what it will feel like. I have planned by making a will and talked to family about cremation but knowing that Christ will be holding my hand gives me strength when I know I will be weak. When looking forward to heaven includes leaving those we love.

Prayer: Thank you loving Father that you promise to be with us when we are weak, that on the journey of life and the many changes that we experience exciting and scary you are there. Amen

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