Two by two

Mark 6 : 7-13 “ He called the twelve apostles , sent them out two by two, and gave them authority over evil spirits”

After having to put down our second family dog due to a stroke my husband said no more dogs. A few years later our daughter encouraged us to help her raise a national service dog. The dog had to be taken everywhere including the grocery store. Having a puppy walk around with you in unusual places encouraged others to walk up and talk. Leaving the house for normal everyday activities was a fun experience. As the puppy grew the training required going to larger events in the community. On one occasion two policemen walked up to us at a concert and as always, we wondered what we were doing wrong, but no they loved dogs and wanted to pet the puppy! After the puppy graduated and I went to the grocery store it was a strange experience as no one talked to me as I walked around on my own. I had the same welcoming smile on my face but those around did not respond in the same way.

National Service Dogs

1286 Cedar Creek Rd. Cambridge, ON N1R 5S5

(519) 623-4188


Jesus was aware of the advantage of going places two by two and indeed that is how he sent out the apostles, his closest followers to talk to others. Not quite as immediate as walking a dog around a store but finding another Christians to talk with and then together encouraging others on their spiritual journey is a wonderful thing. Join CrossWalk as we begin to discuss how to go out into the community two by two.

Prayer- Thank you Jesus for given us the examples we need to continue your work in the community. Amen

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