God on vacation?

Ephesians 1 v 3-14 v 12 “He (God) planned all of this so that we who had already focused our hope on Christ would praise Him and give Him glory.”

Some of our favorite family vacations involved camping on the weekends. When work was done usually early on a Friday the first home would pack up the tent trailer and off we would go visiting federal, provincial, local conservation and private campsites booked over the internet without much prior knowledge to what they were like. However, planning our adventures using these recognized organizations meant that a certain standard was guaranteed. We were not disappointed. We always had a fun camping experience.

The apostles who knew and followed Jesus started their faith journey with something they knew and were comfortable with. And what did they find? An enriched understanding of God and the need to praise and worship Him.

So yes, take a vacation and explore different parts of your world but also use it as a time to explore different worship services around you. Another alternative is to simply take your bible and a few minutes to read the good news in God’s wonderful surroundings! God has great things planned for you. Enrich your vacation by connecting with Him in a different way.

Prayer: Holy and ever present God help me to find you in all I do including when I am on vacation. Amen

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