More about Jesus

Mark 6: 30 -34 and 53-56 v 30-31 “ The apostles gathered around Jesus. They reported back to Him everything that they had done and taught. So he said to them, “Let’s go to a place where we can be alone to rest for a while.” Many people were coming and going , and Jesus and the apostles didn’t even have a chance to eat.”

v55 ” They ran all over the countryside and began to carry the sick on cots to any place where they heard He was.”

Jesus was very popular in his time, as people heard about how he healed the sick. There might not have been paparazzi around to take lots of pictures and the internet to tell the story on Facebook or Instagram but they ran all over the country side  They ran from all the cities, farms and villages and arrived ahead of them. Jesus and the apostles were so busy they didn’t have time to eat!

So who are you in this story? Running around trying to find Jesus? Working so hard that you don’t have time to eat? Looking for a quiet place to rest and recoup or are you sick and in need of healing?

Jesus noted the needs of all the people. They were like sheep without a Shepherd. So He spent a lot of time teaching them.

Deciding to be a follower of Jesus is only the first step on a journey that Jesus himself realized required a lot of time to teach.

It is summer time, the weekend, take some time today to relax and read the story above and between the two readings are more miracles to help us understand who Jesus is, fully human, fully God!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for giving us Jesus the Good shepherd to learn from his teachings, Amen

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