Human Distraction

2 Samuel 11: 1-15 v14 “In the morning David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it with Uriah.”

David, now the King, had been a follower of God since He was a young boy and fought the great warrior Goliath. With Gods help he won many battles and was given the privilege to command many people who followed his wishes without question.

David was as human as we are and when he stayed home from the fighting saw a beautiful woman and wanted her. Read the above passage and find out where that led him.

 Today life has many distractions non more so than the computers we can now hold in our hands and have with us constantly. Information, entertainment, and news is constantly available and the power to do harm to others through words and pictures.

  David, wrote a letter that led to disaster for the person holding it.

Have you ever written an email, or sent a text that caused harm to someone else? Have you spent time on your favorite device rather than help around the house or been distracted when someone is talking to you? Our everyday life matters to God. The old testament is full of stories about how we humans fall short of our potential. Our loving God however is always calling us back to be better, do better, by taking care of our spiritual side.

Graphic including statistics about phone usage and addiction.

Today and every Sabbath take time away from your device, read the bible, write in a journal, go for a walk, and rejuvenate your mind and body by taking care of your soul.

Prayer: Holy God, forgive me from being distracted and doing harm to others around me. Thank you for sending Jesus as an example of how to live with love in the world today. Amen.

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