Gods Power

1 Kings 8; 22-30, 41-43. V 41 “People will hear about your great name, mighty hand, and powerful arm.”

Earlier in the chapter in verse 11 “The Lords glory filled the temple” A cloud came into the temple so dense that the priest could not do their work.  Solomon built a temple for the Lord although he struggled with the question where does the Lord live? Does He live in the temple or in heaven?  Our human need to put God in a box or a temple or a Church building is therefore not a new idea.

Solomon then continued with a prayer that all who came to worship in the temple be heard wherever they came from and that they would know how great His name, mighty hand and powerful arm is.

Today it is still important to pray, to know that a powerful God can help us. Do we need to be in a beautiful church building for our prayers to be heard? Jesus taught us that we can pray in a room all by ourselves and God will listen. To pray continually.

So, no God is not just in a Church on a Sunday so today and everyday this week try and spend a few minutes in prayer wherever you are so that you may know the great name, mighty hand and powerful arm of God.

Prayer: Almighty God thank you for listening to our prayers wherever we are as we trust in your mighty power to answer them. Amen

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