He loves me!

Psalm 125 v 2 “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lords surrounds his people now and forever.”

In the summer when I was young and thinking about boys for the first time as something other than annoying, we played a game with a daisy, pulling the petals off and saying “He loves me”, He loves me not” ? then the last petal tells you want you need to know with the hope being that “He Loves me”.

In the Old Testament the Israelites seem to have a similar relationship with God “They love Him, They love him not! I began to realize that I was like the Israelites too. Having times when I easily love God and put Him first in all I do then family life gets busy, or work gets in the way , weekends are spent on courses or in sports arenas and God takes a back seat. The Old Testament life of the Israelites is mirrored in my life today.

God is always there He will guide us in all we do and forgive us as we return to Him again and again and again. Like the image in this psalm, God is like a mountain that surrounds us, now and forever and finally ” Let there be peace in Israel”

Prayer: Loving and ever present God thank you for your faithfulness and love towards us now and everyday. Amen

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