“Be brave”

Isaiah 35: 4-7a V 4 “Tell those who are terrified, “Be brave; don’t be afraid”

Following this statement the verses above are filled with hope “then those who are lame will leap like deer” water will gush out into the dessert. Vivid images of what God will do for his people if we are brave and don’t be afraid

Big words written over 2000 year ago. With COVID restrictions slowly being lifted, with school returning to in class learning there is a slow increase in people diagnosed with COVID. What do we do every day? Be brave, encourage those you know to trust that God will heal this world. That miracles happen as the blind can see and the lame can not just walk but dance as they leap like deer. Hardships physically will disappear as the dry ground will have springs. Never underestimate the God of Israel and his love for the world.

Prayer: Heavenly Father thankyou for your help in being around when you are needed when we are terrified. Thank you for providing wonderful ways to be brave today in the name of Jesus amen

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