Todays Reflection

Psalm 1 v2 “Rather, he(a person who is blessed) delights in the teachings of the Lord and reflects on his teachings day and night”

My cousin is a teacher and for many years has taught children and now adults with dyslexia. She told me one of the strategies she uses with children who struggle to see their mistakes is to read their writings backwards and they will see some of the mistakes they have made. The articles I am writing this week I have written in reverse order so as I am writing this, I see more clearly the message of this week reflected in the teaching of the bible. Live by the rules and you will be happy. If you live by your selfish nature you will argue and feel jealous.

Sometime life seems to be so complicated but “The Lord knows the way of righteous people” Reflecting, repeating forwards and backwards the words of the bible helps us understand the meaning they have today.

Read again Psalm 1 and succeed in everything that you do today.

Prayer: Mighty Lord: lead us in your way of love and humility in Jesus name. Amen.

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