30th September

James 5: 13 – 20 v 13 “If any of you are having trouble, pray. “

This passage goes on to say if you are sick call Church leaders to pray for you as well as anoint you with oil. V 18 ” So admit your sins to each other , and pray for each other so that you will be healed”.

Prayer for Truth and Reconciliation

(Prayer of repentance and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples following Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission)

O God,

Great Spirit and Creator,

We praise you for your gifts that surround us –

For the gift of the land that gives us food, shelter and water;

For the gift of the sun that gives warmth and light to all that grows;

For the gifts of the moon and stars which you have arranged for your glory;

For the gifts of language and culture, through which your peoples praise you, and share the most deeply held values you have engraved on their hearts.

Come upon us, O Divine Healer and open our eyes –

To the injustices brought against our Indigenous Peoples, their language and culture in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.

Give us repentant hearts –

That ache with sorrow for their violence against First Nations families and their children.

Give us determined hearts –

That refuse to stand by when the dignity of our Indigenous brothers and sisters is trampled.

Give us healing hearts –

That beat with the drum of Jesus’ Gospel, to defend and honour our Indigenous neighbour,

their language and way of life.

Give us flaming hearts –

That burn with love for you, who come to us

 … in every human face

 … in every language and culture

 … in every gift of creation.

Make us stewards –

Of one another’s dignity,

Of one another’s safety,

Of one another’s lands,

Of one another’s right to a cultural identity:

… as unique peoples,

… as gifts to the human family,… as your beloved children. 

Pour out your healing love on all who suffered in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools;

– on bodies, minds and spirits wounded through abuse,

– on hearts wounded through separation and disdain,

– on families wounded through trauma and anguish that still torment over the course of


Jesus – gentle Saviour, forgiving and humble of heart,

Good Shepherd, Divine Healer,

Great Lover of all peoples:

We offer you our sorrow

For the wrongs committed

Against our First Nations’ children in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.

We offer you our desire

To walk with our First Nations brothers and sisters;

To journey with them

On the path of truth, healing and reconciliation,

As we share this earthly pilgrimage to our heavenly homeland,

Where every tear will be wiped away

And every sorrow will be turned to joy.

Give us one heart and one mind

To walk forward together along this path

In the love and strength of your Spirit,

In truth, reconciliation and peace.

We make this prayer

In the power of your Most Holy Name.


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