How great is our God!

 Psalm 145 v 13 “Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. Your empire endures throughout every generation.”

Near the end of the book of Psalms this praise song which says is written by David speaks to the might of God and the generations that will benefit from His almighty power. The importance of telling different generations about this mighty power and the unconditional love of God” who supports everyone who falls. He straightens the backs, of those who are bent over.” He also states, “That the Lord is near to everyone who prays to Him, to every faithful person who prays to Him.”

There have been many others who have sung the praises of God throughout the generations. There are traditional hymns and praise songs, more contemporary songs, and a variety of musical genres. Sometimes we worry, maybe our backs are bent over with the worry of how best to praise God and there is a difference from generation to generation. However, the simple message from this psalm is to do it. and are two songs that I hope today you will enjoy and take the message to another generation.

Prayer: Holy Father help me to demonstrate to another generation today your power and love for all. Amen

Join In with Mid Week worship tomorrow as the series on divine Love continues or learn to pray with the bible study on Thursdays. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.”

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