All seeing God

Hebrews 4 12-16v 13 No creature can hide from God. Everything is uncovered and exposed for Him to see. We must answer to Him.

Todays reading from the New Testament starts with the words” God’s word is living and active. ” Marrow is found in the long bones of the human skeleton and is as deep inside the body as it can get. We are to be judged using our thoughts and intentions.

7 Things You Need to Know About Bone Marrow Transplants - Medsurge India

All those concepts in one short bible reading to me are a little overwhelming. Our every thought and intention will be judged. Just like the picture above is peeling back the layers to show the bone marrow in the center everything will be exposed even our thoughts and intentions for God to see. Using pictures that we can relate to today makes the word come alive. Faith is not about going to church on a Sunday or helping people less fortunate than ourselves but about looking deep inside ourselves to the marrow and seeing as God does what is there.

Prayer: Holy One guide our thoughts and intentions to mirror your love for ourselves and our neighbors. Amen

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