Chief Priest

Hebrews 5 1-10 v 5 “So Christ did not take the glory of being a chief priest for Himself. Instead the glory was given to Him by God, who said, “You are my son. Today I have become your Father.”

In the Old Testament some of the Chief Priest were also Kings , as was Melchizedek. All were chosen by God. Similarly Jesus was also chosen by God to be our Chief Priest. Jesus prayed and pleaded with loud crying and tears, and He was heard because of His devotion to God.

My sister when she first went to school cried a lot. As her older sister by 15 months I can remember being brought to her classroom to calm her down. The whole class including her teacher were uncomfortable with her loud crying. In my husbands family when someone is overcome with tears they are said to be an “Aunty Mary” who was known for her ability to cry in all situations. I also can be overcome watching a movie with tears streaming down my face , “Gone with the Wind” being a memorable one for that. As humans it is seen as a sign of weakness. For me it is a sign of great empathy, and a release for emotions that are strong and powerful.

What a picture to have of Jesus, praying and pleading with loud crying and tears. In the same passage to also be told that He is our Chief Priest. What did Jesus learn through his tears? To be obedient to God, and He became, after His work on earth was done, the source of eternal salvation for everyone.

Prayer: Holy One , Thank you for giving us your Son Jesus to be our Chief Priest, whose strength we see in the tears He shed to be the salvation for all. Amen.

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