Psalm 126 v 3 The Lord has done spectacular things for us. We are overjoyed.”

I worked with many different people over the years and one in particular was very good at letting others know how great they were. People wanted to work with him because they were literally called great. I remember also the other side, my sister in law complaining to me about my brother whose greatest expression of joy was “that’s nice”.

In this short psalm today the writer came up with a wonderful word for the things that God had done for them, spectacular. It made them very happy, overjoyed.

At the core of our Christian faith is love. Expressing how deep, how wide, how high that love is to others is not just nice, or even great but spectacular! And how does it make you feel, overjoyed, singing whilst you work.

Prayer: Heavenly Mother, thank you for showing us where you want us to work and that with love at the core of our work the results will be spectacular and we will be overjoyed. Amen.

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