Chief Priest

Hebrews 7:23-28 v 24” But Jesus lives forever, so he serves as a priest forever.”

Clearly the bible in this passage tells us that Jesus is the Chief Priest. That the Old Testament is just that, old, a history on which the New Testament was built. There is for us now, a new promise from God who “designated the Son who forever accomplished everything that God required.”

I was working in a grade 1 classroom last week and the teacher was asking the class to think of words to describe the scene before them. It was of an old dirty run down building. One boy from the back row called out “It must have been built at least in 1990” I also remember my brother saying to me one day, “just you wait you’ll be invited to a 60th birthday party soon” I scoffed and said not for a long time yet. Then not two months later I received an invitation to a good friends husbands 60th birthday party! Realizing we all grow old and die like the long succession of priests from the Old Testament, knowing that Jesus has our back is the good news of the New Testament.

There is comfort in knowing that Jesus is always with us. That despite our aging process He does not change. That He holds the position of Chief Priest and the age of sacrifices is over.

Loving Mother of God, thank you for your son who helps us everyday to understand who you want us to be. Amen.

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