Flour and Oil

1 Kings 17: 8-16 v 12 “I have one handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. I’m gathering wood. I am going to prepare something for myself and my son so that we can eat it and then die.”

This women was at the end. The end of her money, the end of the food in her home and she was preparing to eat the last meal and then die, along with her son. As a widow she was the lowest of the low and what did the Lord of Armies do? Promised that if she fed Elijah, that she would have enough flour and water for a long time.

God’s like that. He takes someone down on their luck and transforms their lives. What do they have to do? Be obedient to God by following up on his request, this time to offer shelter and food to the prophet Elijah.

I love this miracle of God, providing for the basic needs of life to a women and child who are about to starve to death. A true partnership relationship showing a God who cares for women and children and not just for a day but for a long time. Teaching by example how we are to live our lives in community with others.

Prayer: Holy Life giving Father, thank you for caring enough to provide for our everyday needs. Amen

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