Part 1 : Samuel

Samuel 1: 4-20     v20 “Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel (God Hears), because she said “I asked the Lord for him”

The story of Hannah is not unique in the bible. In a culture where having children was vital to your survival as an older adult Hannah was very sad when it was apparent that she could not have a child. To make matters worse she was constantly berated by others about this. We see her praying, pouring out her heart to the Lord. When Eli the priest saw her, he thought she was drunk and said to her “get rid of your wine” She explained her trouble and torment and Eli replied” Go in peace and may the God of Israel grant your request” After this encounter Hannah was no longer sad.

When my children were growing up some days, they taxed my patience and I would “loose it”, shout out my displeasure at them and low and behold they would look at me “as if I was drunk” and peace would be restored. Why do children and God have to take us to our limits before giving us peace? Children like to have boundaries and they push them but seem satisfied when they reach them. For God who made the boundaries of the earth and gives us the choice to love Him? Pushing us to our limits is a mystery but He is always shaping us to be what he wants us to be and sometimes He wants us to reach out to others to join in prayer together which will like Hannah, give us peace as we wait for the answer.

Prayer: Lord God help me to reach out to others as I pray for the things that make me sad every day. Amen.

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