2 Samuel 23:1-7 v 4 “He is like the morning light as the sun rises. Like a morning without clouds, like the brightness after a rainstorm. The rain makes the grass grow from the earth. “

This is said to be David’s final words. So in this verse is David talking about himself or God? As usual David who can be so good at the things he did and said can also be not so good too. Is he praising God who with the rain makes the grass grow?

As we move towards the season of Advent and the “great news” of Jesus’s birth there is the travel to Bethlehem, the escape to Egypt, no room at the in and the visit of the Magi. Always where God is there are contrasts. Such great love, such sorry on the cross.

In our lives too there is always the good and the bad. The times when it is easy to follow God and the times when we feel like running away like Jonah.

As we pause today to offer God praise, thanks and apologies, we are not alone in striving to do our best but falling short.

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